Carbon Fiber

Carbon fiber high strength, low density, excellent combination of low weight and low friction characteristics provide superior efficiency of press tooling and robot toolings. Carbon density of 2.268 g / cm3 and the crystalline material. The structure of the carbon fiber, although 4.5 times lighter than steel, 3 times more resistant.

Vacuum Cups and Connections

CYBER TECHNIK 's innovative vacuum components for automation and handling tasks with many users in various sectors of the industry with a reliable support in the solution. Starting from the wide range of components and vacuum suction from the manufacturer through to mounting elements and system monitoring devices.


Workholding Clamps are ideal for sheet metal clamping and feature a simple design, high clamp force, and durability. Units are available in three sizes with 13 jaw styles each, up to 2000 pounds clamp force, and include many options for mounting, switches, and tips. The adjustable rotation stop allows for multiple jaw openings in one clamp. Workholding Clamps are designed to offer the best price, design, and delivery for solutions involving the transfer of sheet metal or other like objects.

Modular Tooling

CYBER TECHNIK 's connection with all of Modular Tooling System has been made standard. This connection system, production efficiency and reduce costs of providing customers the products we produce is a very effective tool allows you to change. Your modular transport systems design and shortening assembly time of your transfer and robotic handling systems will find more economical solutions.